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Planning a Party on a Budget: 7 Ways to Save Money

saving money, planning a party, beverage eventsHave you been put in charge of managing this months’ company party? Worried that you may forget to arrange something, start a fire in the kitchen, or worse, overspend on your budget? Have no fear! Beverage Events is here to help you plan a party on a budget. Follow these seven simple steps and you will have your co-workers and your boss in awe at how awesome you are.


1)      Shop wholesale- You should shop at Costco or another available wholesale superstore when you are looking to buy food and supplies for your party. By shopping wholesale, you will be able to save huge amounts on things like plates, napkins cups, appetizers, soda, chips, dip, and snacks. Restaurant Depot is a secret known about by many in the restaurant industry as another great wholesale option for buying food and supplies in bulk.


2)      Use Company Space- Having a party at the office can be a lot better than you might think if you put forth a little bit of effort and think creatively. Try to find a room that would be big enough to hold most of the people at the party and is surrounded by an open area where people can mingle and sip their drinks. Find an out of sight area nearby where you will have space to prepare everything you need. Hit up iParty for supplies and ask some of the creative people in the office if they would like to help you decorate, then let them go nuts! Hint: Highlight the fact that you think they would be good at this since they are so creative. Flattery is a very persuasive tool!


3)      Find Low Cost Entertainment-One of the best company parties I have ever bartended featured some awesome free entertainment that kept people in stitches all night. They set up a big screen television, hooked up Wii and Xbox and featured video games that are more social like Wii Sports or Guitar Hero. Watching your company CEO jam out to Freebird will not only be free for the company, it will also be PRICELESS. Be sure to bring a camera! Renting a photo booth is also fairly low cost and a nice addition to your party.


Other low cost forms of entertainment that people enjoy include trivia games, Apples to Apples or other silly card games, or simply a well made party playlist from your iTunes library. A band or single musician is also an exciting form of low cost entertainment. If you are in the Boston area, consider hiring a Berklee College student. They are incredibly talented and very affordable! If you would like to learn more, call the Career Development Center at (617) 747-2246.

4)      Have a buffet style dinner- When trying to cut costs when planning a party for a large group, a buffet dinner is generally a less expensive, more efficient way of serving a large number of party guests. That doesn’t mean that you can’t offer up something delicious for your work buddies. Blue Ribbon BBQ, Italian Express Pizzeria, and Bakers Best Catering all provide some great, affordable catered food in Boston. These local caterers’ will not disappoint!

5)      Have the party at your house– Renting space and paying for service is expensive and can be time consuming to iron out all the details. Having your company party at your home or possibly your bosses home is both inexpensive and more intimate. People are able to connect on a more personal level when they are in someone’s home and they may also feel like management cares a lot about them personally for hosting the event. Liability is something to consider if having a party in your home and you may want to consider hiring an insured bartender to cover yourself from the threat of lawsuit.


6)      Have a consumption bar– Having an open bar is sweet if your company has the cash flow to make it happen. Your employees will most definitely take notice and praise your name for providing them an evening of bill free fun. If you are looking to cut costs when planning a party though, a consumption bar is the way to go.


If you are hiring a bartender to service your party, inquire if they are able to provide the liquor as well. At Beverage Events we offer great bottle and case prices through our licensed vendors and you will also only pay for what is consumed during the night.


7)      Rent a keg- Similar to the idea of buying your food in bulk, buying beer in bulk saves money too. Depending on how sophisticated your company is, you could look into renting a keg of beer which would save you big money on alcohol. In most states, MA included, kegs are sold half full and will give you approximately 6 cases or 165 cups of beer. Want to class it up a notch?Rent a kegerator to keep that baby nice and cold and looking sharp! The kegorators offered by Beverage Events are pub quality with a branded keg pull and an elegant black and stainless steel finish. By renting a keg of beer you will essentially be saving 50% compared to what you would pay buying cases. What a deal!


Saving the company money is something all successful business people try to do and if you are someone who is looking to move up in your organization, doing something small, such as planning a party that saves the company money, is a good way to get yourself noticed. Follow these 7 tips and you will be well on your way toward a great party and maybe a promotion!



If you liked these tips please share them with your friends! Do you have more ideas for ways to save money when planning a party on a budget? Please let us know in the comments section.


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