Bartending Service Cambridge Style: A bartending service with a theme…

Hire a bartender for your Casino Royale Party

Hire a bartender for your Casino Royale Party

It’s time for that party or special event in Cambridge you’ve been planning for so long. That classy James Bond bachelor party with scotch, whiskey, and other ruggedly masculine drinks. Perhaps with a few high-end cigars and some red velvet smoking jackets included.



Sparkling Cocktails-Beverage Events

Toast the Bride with a sparkling cocktail that compliments the wedding colors. Our Mixologists have the perfect combination for your party




Or for the ladies, perhaps it’s time for your bridal shower. It’s time to drink girly, fruity drinks that fizz against your tongue and match the color scheme of your décor.


tacos and margaritas- beverage events

Margaritas, shaken or frozen with Cambridge’s Best Bartenders

Or maybe you’re planning a tango-dancing competition, with high profile guests sitting at fancy tables that line the dance floor. For this night of passion, you’d need a theme with a little bit of spice, a hint of seduction, and a taste that is south of the border.




Whatever the theme may be, you’ll want to hire a bartender in Cambridge from Beverage Events bartending service, we are the best choice in Cambridge since 2005. And not just to match the theme of your dreams, but to take it one step further, beyond what you could have imagined. When you hire a Cambridge bartending service to create cocktail menus especially for you, you’ll enhance your 007 night of intrigue with some classically prepared cocktails in glassware sophisticated enough to compliment your smoking jacket. With flavors rugged enough to match your cigar.

For that bridal shower, sip on pink martinis and manhattans that make you feel like you’re a star on Sex and the City. Or, for that tango event, enjoy a range of spicy margaritas. Add a portable glow bar, and we’ll send it to any location in Cambridge to enhance the bartending experience.

Wedding Bar Service Boston Style: A Wedding Bar that Takes the Cake

Want a wedding bar service that takes the cake at your wedding? A stylish customized wedding bar that you won’t be embarrassed by if it’s in all your pictures? Maybe even a portable wedding bar with special lighting that you will put at the center of your wedding photos? If any of those options sound like a good idea, then Beverage Events Wedding Bar Service in Boston has the perfect bar for you. Just like a chameleon can blend into any of its surroundings, this portable bar can change to match any color scheme. In fact, you can change this bar’s appearance as easily as you can change your clothes. Try something on, and if you don’t like it, try something else!

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