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Bartending Service | Winter Party by Beverage Events

Beverage Events recently provided bartending service for a networking event hosted by Openview Venture Partners in Boston, MA. Since Winter was the theme of the event, the signature cocktail being served was called a “Blue Snowflake” and was a combination of two parts blue Hypnotic, one part Saint Germaine, and a champagne float.


Blue Snowflake Recipe

1 oz Saint Germaine

blue snowflake

2 oz Hypnotic

4 oz Champagne

Coconut rimmed glass


The OpenView office space really added to the atmosphere of the party with spectacular views of Boston and the Fort Point Channel. Guests mingled with friends and co-workers as the world outside buzzed with the activity of downtown Boston. OpenView did an amazing job planning and managing the event from start to finish and Beverage Events was happy to be able to provide excellent service for some of the top minds in Boston high-tech startups and venture capital firms.






Beverage EventsWinter party




Whether you need an experienced and engaging, certified insured bartender, with bar tools and uniform; or require complete turn-key beverage catering with all the alcohol from our licensed vendors, as well as complete supplies and equipment, we’re here to provide you with the prompt and professional bartending service that we’ve been offering since 1998.


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How to Stock Your In House Bar Like A Pro

home barin house bar



There is a certain sense of satisfaction experienced when you are able to walk to the cabinet in your home and pour yourself a drink. Having an in house bar allows you to entertain friends, family, dates, or co-workers who will enjoy coming to visit and schmoozing over a well made concoction. No bartender in the world can pour a perfect cocktail without the proper ingredients though, so here is the Beverage Events list of some of the basic things needed in order to stock your home bar like a pro.




Well duh! Of course you need to have some of Grandpa’s old cough medicine in your home bar. If you are serious about going out and buying enough alcohol to have a respectable home bar set-up, let’s talk about what you should buy.




Basic Bar: 1 bottle: Well vodka

Mid-Range: 2 bottles: Absolute, Absolute Citrus

Fancy Style: 4 bottles: Grey Goose, Absolute, Absolute Citrus, Stoli Raspberry


Bartender’s Notes: Vodka has become very popular in the past twenty years and the array of fruity and flavored options available now is immense. A basic bar should have a mid-tier, plain offering like Absolute or Smirnoff. It is nice to have a bottle of Absolute Citrus and Stoli Raspberry if you want to be able to make cosmos, lemon drops, or Stoli Raspberry and Sprites. Grey Goose and Kettle One are good top shelf options if you want to kick it up a notch.


Planning a Party on a Budget: 7 Ways to Save Money

saving money, planning a party, beverage eventsHave you been put in charge of managing this months’ company party? Worried that you may forget to arrange something, start a fire in the kitchen, or worse, overspend on your budget? Have no fear! Beverage Events is here to help you plan a party on a budget. Follow these seven simple steps and you will have your co-workers and your boss in awe at how awesome you are.


1)      Shop wholesale- You should shop at Costco or another available wholesale superstore when you are looking to buy food and supplies for your party. By shopping wholesale, you will be able to save huge amounts on things like plates, napkins cups, appetizers, soda, chips, dip, and snacks. Restaurant Depot is a secret known about by many in the restaurant industry as another great wholesale option for buying food and supplies in bulk.


2)      Use Company Space- Having a party at the office can be a lot better than you might think if you put forth a little bit of effort and think creatively. Try to find a room that would be big enough to hold most of the people at the party and is surrounded by an open area where people can mingle and sip their drinks. Find an out of sight area nearby where you will have space to prepare everything you need. Hit up iParty for supplies and ask some of the creative people in the office if they would like to help you decorate, then let them go nuts! Hint: Highlight the fact that you think they would be good at this since they are so creative. Flattery is a very persuasive tool!


3)      Find Low Cost Entertainment-One of the best company parties I have ever bartended featured some awesome free entertainment that kept people in stitches all night. They set up a big screen television, hooked up Wii and Xbox and featured video games that are more social like Wii Sports or Guitar Hero. Watching your company CEO jam out to Freebird will not only be free for the company, it will also be PRICELESS. Be sure to bring a camera! Renting a photo booth is also fairly low cost and a nice addition to your party.


Other low cost forms of entertainment that people enjoy include trivia games, Apples to Apples or other silly card games, or simply a well made party playlist from your iTunes library. A band or single musician is also an exciting form of low cost entertainment. If you are in the Boston area, consider hiring a Berklee College student. They are incredibly talented and very affordable! If you would like to learn more, call the Career Development Center at (617) 747-2246.


Corporate Bartending Service Boston Style: Wedding Cocktails and Connections for the Knot vendors at the Waterworks Museum


Beverage Events Boston Bartending Service provided beverage catering for Boston wedding resource the Knot‘s Boston Cocktails and Connections event at the Waterworks Museum in Chestnut Hill. Guests sipped on our signature cocktails and mingled about our beautiful custom bar, made especially for the mixer.

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