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How to Stock Your In House Bar Like A Pro

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There is a certain sense of satisfaction experienced when you are able to walk to the cabinet in your home and pour yourself a drink. Having an in house bar allows you to entertain friends, family, dates, or co-workers who will enjoy coming to visit and schmoozing over a well made concoction. No bartender in the world can pour a perfect cocktail without the proper ingredients though, so here is the Beverage Events list of some of the basic things needed in order to stock your home bar like a pro.




Well duh! Of course you need to have some of Grandpa’s old cough medicine in your home bar. If you are serious about going out and buying enough alcohol to have a respectable home bar set-up, let’s talk about what you should buy.




Basic Bar: 1 bottle: Well vodka

Mid-Range: 2 bottles: Absolute, Absolute Citrus

Fancy Style: 4 bottles: Grey Goose, Absolute, Absolute Citrus, Stoli Raspberry


Bartender’s Notes: Vodka has become very popular in the past twenty years and the array of fruity and flavored options available now is immense. A basic bar should have a mid-tier, plain offering like Absolute or Smirnoff. It is nice to have a bottle of Absolute Citrus and Stoli Raspberry if you want to be able to make cosmos, lemon drops, or Stoli Raspberry and Sprites. Grey Goose and Kettle One are good top shelf options if you want to kick it up a notch.