super bowl party checklist

10 things you CAN NOT forget at your Super Bowl party

Super Bowl Party Essentials

super bowl party


  1. Ice

    Ever notice that at nearly every party you go to it seems like someone always has to run out and buy more ice? Or you may hear “Tell Frankie to pick up a ton of ice on his way ovah!” That is because ice is notoriously the most forgotten item at every party and a Super Bowl party is no exception. Think of how much ice you think you need and double it. You can always use it later.

  2. Propane or Charcoal

    You have been marinating those steak tips for hours, spent your tax return on hamburger meat, and strapped on your favorite “kiss the cook” red apron. Now to fire up the grill. “Oh no!” Forgetting to check your propane or buy charcoal can be the ultimate buzz kill and can cause your guests to fill up on chips and dip before sinking their teeth into your BBQ masterpiece. Don’t forget this!

  3. Vegetarian Options

    Be a kind host and respect the fact that these days many people choose to not eat meat. Imagine going to a Super Bowl Party only to find that the only options for food were broccoli, salad, and carrot sticks! Now how do you like it!

  4. Plates , Napkins, and Cups

    With lots of friends over to watch the big game, doing the dishes after can be a real mess. You may not even have enough cups and plates in your cabinet for everyone to use! People lose cups, throw plates away before they are done, and get buffalo sauce all over their hands. Do yourself a favor and make a small investment in more of these things then you think you need.

  5. Wireless Internet Password

    Here is a new one to consider this year. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, many people feel that if they are unable to connect to the internet during a Super Bowl party, they are really missing out. Sometimes these new fangled devices just refuse to pick up 3G signal and it is necessary to connect to a wireless internet network. Don’t be that guy that says “the password is on the modem” and make your buddy crawl under the desk and snack on dust while deciphering your Da Vinci Code. Write that baby down BEFORE the game and post it on your refrigerator (…..READ MORE!)